Welcome to Text2Close, the new text message technology that enhances and modernizes the traditional “For Sale” home buying and selling process. Closeline Settlements developed and launched this new interactive marketing tool that allows buyers to obtain valuable information about listed properties quickly and easily via their mobile phones. By entering a code featured on a for-sale sign, consumers will immediately receive a text with property and mortgage rate information as it pertains to that specific property.

National Association of Realtors (NAR) research shows that for consumers, for-sale signs are the third-most-utilized resource for information about homes on the market, behind only the Internet and real estate agents. Text2Close technology is convenient, providing instant information without the hassle of getting in and out of a car or the disappointment of an empty flyer box or an unanswered phone call.

In today’s difficult and crowded housing market, Text2Close provides a competitive advantage to keep homes that utilize this technology at the forefront of buyers’ minds. More and more consumers are turning to texting as their preferred method of communication in our fast paced and busy world.

Closeline Settlements, recognizing that more and more consumers are turning to technology to fit home buying and selling activities into their busy lives, were the first to develop business to business web communication portals for their lender and agent clients as well as electronic settlement systems for home buyers and refinances. Text2Close is the next logical progression in the development of industry leading innovative technologies.

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