Title and Escrow Services

Important monetary transactions sometimes require the need for an escrow company to serve as a neutral third party. This is particularly common in large real estate title transactions. Closeline can provide national title and escrow services to ensure that no funds exchange hands until all of the instructions to a particular transaction have been followed. As an independent third party to a transaction, Closeline can prepare title and escrow agreements and collect, hold and disburse funds accordingly.

The escrow services department at Closeline Settlements has been great to work with. From the initial escrow agreement to monthly reporting, Closeline has been essential to helping our investors feel secure about exchanging high dollar transactions.

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Benefit from:

  • Preparation of escrow agreements
  • Customized statements and reporting
  • Competitive Fees
  • Integrated Web payment solutions

Closeline is licensed, bonded and insured, so you can be confident you are choosing an experienced and trusted escrow company and partner. Choose Closeline Settlements as your escrow agent for quick and effortless real estate closings. Our agents operate nationwide, in 40 locations, and specialize in large development deals, or multi-state transactions that are too complex for local companies to handle.

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Email your new sales contract to close@closeline.com or fax it to 240-558-1761.

Closeline’s service and staff is unmatched. Working with such a professional and experienced team makes the closing process stress free.

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