Why One Client Chose Closeline Settlements

At Closeline Settlements we believe that a happy customer is our best salesperson. In our highly competitive field a loyal customer has the credibility that no advertising can match.

Closeline customer Peter Hyman is a happy case in point. Hyman, who is Director of Operations for a Nationwide Mortgage Company, has enjoyed an eight-year relationship with Closeline. Through a variety of senior jobs, Hyman has always chosen Closeline. He says: “Closeline gives me a competitive advantage because I know that, with their national presence, we can get loans closed no matter where we originate. We can’t possibly know the particulars of the laws in each state, but chances are that Closeline has an office there that can help us. Moreover, we know that when a Closeline agent visits our customer, we will be represented by a courteous, honest, helpful professional who will cast a positive reflection on our company.”

Hyman is effusive as well about the Closeline technological advantage. “As far as I know,” says Hyman, “Closeline was probably the first company to be able to complete the entire transaction online, and, while other companies are doing it now, they don’t go into the detail that Closeline does. From the beginning of our process it is important for us to be able to actually quote to the customer title fees for particular states and counties, and the different taxes that are included. We can go online with Closeline and get the exact fees within a relatively short period of time. Being able to quote to the customer on an accurate basis helps us when we are competing with another mortgage company. Another company may show lower closing costs than ours but inevitably it comes down to their underestimating the actual title costs. With Closeline, our customer gets no unhappy surprises.”

Closeline’s President Elliot Liss agrees that technology is a key ingredient to the company’s success. However, he feels that it is the human component that differentiates Closeline from its competitors. “My feeling, says Liss, “is that what separates us is still the dedicated employees and real-time human interaction that our customers receive from our staff. Employees at the local level have substantial experience in their local markets. Our executive team has a broad range of national expertise and hands on experience in understanding, anticipating and fully knowing exactly what our customers are looking for.”

Peter Hyman recalls many occasions when Closeline took customer service to a really cosmic level. He says: “They really go above and beyond expectations. Prior to Closeline, I never experienced a company making business decisions that placed customer satisfaction first and foremost. But that’s the level of service I have come to expect from Closeline.”

While Hyman primarily uses Closeline for closing mortgage loans, other customers have similar praise for the Closeline advantage over a wide range of offerings. As a full service closing and settlement company, Closeline provides a wide spectrum of support including:

  • A nationwide network of closers in over 40 states
  • An online system where the entire process from ordering to funding is transparent
  • The convenience of anytime, anywhere closings
  • Quick turnarounds
  • In-house processing
  • An experienced, efficient staff
  • A real-time system
  • A dedication to customer Service

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