Earnest Money Deposit (EMD)


Closeline Settlements uses Earnnest, the largest digital earnest money service in the U.S., to provide our clients with a fully digital transfer of funds in our real estate transactions.

Earnnest’s innovative technology platform is a safe and convenient way for buyers to send their Earnest Money Deposits (EMDs) to Closeline Settlements directly from the buyers’ financial institution through Earnnest’s proprietary system. This secure platform uses ACH payments, thereby mitigating the risk of wire fraud and eliminating the use of paper checks.

  • Real-time notifications about the status of every transaction
  • Automatic receipts for every transaction
  • Banking-level security and encryption
  • 100% digital earnest money deposits (no more paper checks)
  • There will be a $18 fee charged by the service provider (Earnnest) to use the EMD Portal.

We’ve outlined the process below. Please get in touch with your Closeline Settlements representative for any questions you may have and to take advantage of this innovative solution to the complexities and inconvenience of the current EMD process.

How to complete your payment

Digital payments are easy with our new payment portal, powered by Earnnest.

Click on “Sign in to continue” on the middle left of the next screen to begin the process.

Create your account
Add your information to create your Earnnest account and click Create account.

Start your payment
When you’re ready to start your payment, click Start.

Add payment details
Fill in the details of your transaction using the form provided.
Click Save details.

Confirm your identity
In order to protect you and your payment, we need to confirm your identity.
Complete the form with your information and click Continue.

Add your bank account
If you have online banking, use instant verification to connect to your bank account.

Instantly verify
We use Plaid for instant verification. Plaid is the industry standard for secure, instant account verification.
Log into your bank and select the account you want to use.

Manually verify
If you don’t use online banking, you can enter your account information manually.
• Type account + routing number
• Earnnest will send an email when micro-deposits are ready.
• Use the email you receive from Earnnest to reenter the payment portal.
• Type the amounts received in your bank account and click Verify amounts.

Review your payment
You’re almost done! Review the payment details. If you need to edit any information, use the edit button.
When you’re ready, click View and pay.
You will have an opportunity to review everything, then click Pay.
That’s it! Your payment is now complete.
We’ll keep you updated via email as your payment processes.