Wisconsin Title Company

Wisconsin title company

What does a title company do?

Wisconsin title companyA title company’s job is to transfer the property rights from the current owner to the soon-to-be owner. To do this successfully, the organization must verify that there are no burdens on the home’s title. Burdens could include liens, prior mortgages, prior unpaid taxes, and fraudulent transfers, among others If you want to purchase a home, it is important to work with a Wisconsin title company. Our professionals at Closeline Settlements can conduct a title search to detect possible issues. Contact us today for all your title needs.

Closing the transaction

The funds you will bring to the table on your closing day will be placed in what’s called an escrow account. The title company assumes the role of maintaining this account so that the funds are only used for closing costs and settlement. 

Borrowers should expect our Wisconsin title company agent to have all the necessary paperwork, explain it in a way that’s easy to understand, and collect closing costs. Just be sure to communicate with your lender ahead of time, as many mortgage companies are giving borrowers an e-close option. 

Qualities a good title company

  1. Personal support: As technology creates a more impersonal work and communication space, agents and clients prefer to know they can meet face-to-face with the title agent or speak to them over the phone. A minute conversation over the phone can instill a feeling of importance in the client as opposed to an email text, or cloud update. 
  2. Timely communication: The ability to communicate regularly is key. Consistent communication with the agent and the seller throughout the transaction is important. Additionally, the company should have simple document updating and retrieval systems. Updates should be instant, on-demand, and easily accessible by all parties.
  3. Leveraging technology for effective coordination: Title agencies are managing critical dates and deadlines that need to be shared and coordinated with the real estate agents, clients, lenders and attorneys. They should advise and help agents and clients with deadlines and scheduling different closing services accordingly. Maintaining a steady, up-to-date information system between all parties involved is necessary to a successful closing.             
  4. Follow-up: The relationship doesn’t end at the closing. A title agency is in a position to remain in the client’s life and continue to follow up with them even after closing. They have the opportunity to position themselves as a resource and further educate the agent and clients.
  5. Seamless closing experience: Creating a smooth, stress-free, and satisfying experience for clients is the most important thing an agency can do. How they treat closings, and their scheduling process is telling of how the experience may be. Providing a memorable and happy experience is the title company’s greatest avenue for securing more business and maintaining a good reputation.

Reasons To Use a Title Company When Buying a Home

Purchasing a home is exciting. It marks the passage from one stage of life to another. You might be taking a new job, entering the retirement phase of your life, or desiring a new neighborhood. Regardless, you require assurance that the house you’re moving into is free of burdens that could slow the process or create trouble. If the abode you’re considering resides in the Badger State, hire a Wisconsin title company to make sure it’s trouble-free. Here are some sticky real estate issues that have a habit of popping up.

Secret Heirs

Imagine discovering your newly bought residence was given to someone else. The previous owner’s will states that it belongs to an immediate relative. The seller might have forgotten about this promise or may have been acting unscrupulously. Either way, it’s better to discover this conflict ahead of a down payment. The professionals at Closeline Settlements know what it takes to uncover these types of matters before they turn into major headaches.

Border Conflicts

Property line battles sometimes happen. If a neighbor mistakenly builds on your land, you should not be obligated to pay for the area that’s now occupied. A reputable Wisconsin title company can investigate potential encroachments, granting the opportunity to take legal action ahead of a messy interpersonal battle.

Unpaid Liens

When homeowners fail to pay taxes on their homes, those residences do not legally qualify for sale. It behooves you to make sure there aren’t any liens preventing the deal from becoming official. The property wizards at Closeline Settlements have the expertise to find out if the home you’re looking to buy is, in fact, free and clear.

Active Lawsuits

Sellers may be motivated to sell because they’re entangled in litigation. Perhaps they built an addition that infringes on neighbors, or they’ve been arguing about trees that hang over fences. It’s wise to be wary of buying a residence that’s in the midst of a legal tussle. Otherwise, you’re bound to find yourself personally involved in the matter. Employ a Wisconsin title company to verify that no courtroom drama lies ahead.

Honest Mistakes

Over the years, homes exchange hands, sometimes many times over. With each instance, the chance of errors creeping into the documentation increases. Discrepancies in square footage or other measurements can affect the home’s asking price and tax implications. By allowing Closeline Settlements to verify all records are accurate, you’re able to relax in the knowledge that no nasty surprises lie ahead.

To learn more about the title services we offer in Wisconsin or if you have any questions, reach out to our office so you can receive assistance from a trusted title company which provides title services in the Wisconsin area. We are ready to help you with all your title needs. Reach out to us today.