Deeds & Estates

Divorce proceedings. Estates and Trusts. All heavy with detail and paperwork. We have a turnkey solution when it comes to the real estate component of your client’s assests to frant access to information quickly, accurately, and in a concise manner.

Closeline Settlements, with offices throughout the Washington, DC region, has been providing title and escrow services to clients for more than 23 years.

When it comes to effectively evaluating, retitling or dividing your client’s real estate assets, our deed processing services are a valuable resource to finalizing your client’s needs.

With our flat fee of $450, our services include:

  • Deed processing
  • Deed review
  • Lien certificate issuance*
  • Walkthrough recording service
  • Service can be used for real estate located in all 50 states. Ask us for details.
If you would like to review a sample report we provide or have further questions, please contact our team at (301) 795-2854 or email me directly at

* Court clerk fees not included

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