Pennsylvania Title Company

Pennsylvania Title Company

When you decide to buy a home, you may be looking for a Pennsylvania title company to help you with the paperwork you need to complete. At Closeline Settlements we work with our clients throughout the process of purchasing a home to ensure they have everything done on time and that there are no errors in their paperwork. Many people do not realize they should work with a title company when they are purchasing a home. In fact, it is often assumed that a person buying a home will be all set as long as they are working with a realtor. That is not necessarily the case, though. Read on to learn more about what a title company does.

What do title companies do for homebuyers? 

One great aspect about title companies is that they are a neutral third party that can help out both the buyer and the seller. A title company can: 

  • Research the title of the property in question
  • Look to see that the title is clear and has no liens 
  • Issue title insurance
  • Help you by acting as a closing agent

You may not realize that some of the most common problems that come with purchasing a home are problems that stem from the title. For example, your title company in Pennsylvania may find that the neighbor for the house you wish to purchase has built property on your land. They may also find errors in the public record of this home. These are all important to find before purchasing a home. 

Title Companies and Closing on The House

When you are going to close on your house, the title company can also help you with this. They can draft up the documents that both parties need and ensure each party has signed them. They can also be responsible for holding funds in escrow and ensuring every dollar is sent to the right person. 

Who can you turn to for help with a home’s title? 

The details of buying a home can be complicated, which is why you want to work with a title company you can rely on during this process. At Closeline Settlements, we work hard to make this process as smooth as possible so that we can fix any bumps along the road and keep you apprised of what is going on. If you would like to see how we can help you, call us today to speak with our title company in Pennsylvania.