Closeline Settlements. We invest in your success.

Unlike some title companies, we’re not just investor friendly – we’re investor knowledgeable.

Closeline Settlements offers escrow and closing services to streamline real estate transactions involving your wholesale, land purchase, or independent investor business, from coast to coast, in 37 states.

We got this.
Our in-house, investor-focused group is well-versed in the following:

  • purchase transactions
  • assignments
  • double closes
  • multilayered entities
  • commercial and distressed properties
  • hard money and IRA loan transactions

investment dealings are unique – as such, our mission is to efficiently close your property deals and build a lasting partnership with you and your team.

Our experienced account managers value your time and know you must focus on other essential aspects of your deals. We understand the importance of an efficient and speedy turnaround on your title work; our processors will diligently resolve issues and difficulties that may come up during the clearing process.

Moreover, our proprietary settlement system makes subsequent transactions a breeze once your property is ready for resale.

With access to multiple insurers, we have the options and resources to aggressively service and manage your deals, no matter how complex.

As true partners for your business, we offer the flexibility, direction, expertise, and unparalleled support you deserve – on every transaction – all over the country.

Experience equals Efficiency.

  • A nationwide network of mobile closers:
    • Print all documents
    • in-Home or Office Closings
  • Adobe-sign closings with cash buyers (underwriter authorized)
  • Fully digital closings, including digital notarizations (where approved)
  • Blind HUDs to buyer and seller
  • Proprietary software to communicate quickly and efficiently with all parties:
    • digital information checklists to collect information
    • online portal for status, documents, and communication
    • automated email notifications with title work and file status updates
  • Electronic recordings
  • No transactional funding needed – use the buyer’s funds on a double closing
  • Bell and Liss, LLC, our national law firm, allows us to operate fully in attorney states
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