Touchless Closings

During COVID-19 and After
As an essential provider, Closeline Settlements has been open continuously and shall remain open to support all your closing and settlement needs.

Closeline has many options to help you settle safely and with confidence. Our top priority is the health, safety and wellbeing of our team and our clients. To that end, we have created several closing options to best meet your needs. These include:

  1. Virtual Closing with a Twist: All parties interact with the use of a web-based/audio/video enabled platform such as Teams, Skype or GoToMeeting. The signers, the agents and the loan officer can all participate if preferred. A mobile notary is present at the signer’s location for the purpose of notarizing only. The notary brings the documents and takes care of returning them to us. The settlement officer still conducts the closing through the platform, answers all questions and explains all of the documents. The cost of the mobile notary is absorbed by Closeline.
  2. Live Socially Distant Closing: The parties will close in our office. Parties will close separately and will be appropriately seated at each end of a large conference table in order to maximize social distancing. All processes are designed for minimum contact. Customer ID’s are scanned by our touchless scanner, all conference rooms are constantly cleaned and disinfected, all staff is mindful to minimize contact with customers by maintaining a socially appropriate distance. Selected individuals may wear masks and/or gloves at their discretion.
  3. Semi-Live Closing: Customers close in our conference room. Our closer, however, joins the settlement via a live, secure, audio/video weblink. The parties provide identification via touchless scanner or will provide same to live notary for copying purposes.
  4. Hybrid Approach: Documents are provided electronically to parties in their respective locations. We engage all parties via telephone and/or weblink and conduct a “pre-closing”. All documents are reviewed and all questions are answered in preparation of the next day closing. The next day, parties come to our office, IDs are scanned, the parties sign their documents and depart.
  5. Virtual Closing: Virtual Closing: Also known as a RON (“Remote Online Notarization”) or eClosing. All parties interact with the use of a web-based platform and the documents are signed electronically, as well as notarized with an electronic seal online. The settlement officer (who is a notary as well) conducts the closing using digital tools on a live audio/video call. Identity is verified with security questions, government issued photo ID, and video identification. All settlement sessions are video recorded per regulation. Additional fees may apply.

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