During COVID-19 and After

We remain open and will stay open for all your closing needs

We have different options to help you settle with confidence.
Our top priority is the health, safety and well being of our team and our clients.
To that end we have created several closing options to best meet your needs.


All parties interact with the use of a web-based/audio/video enabled platform such as:

The signers, the agents and the loan officer can all participate if preferred.
A mobile notary is present at the signer’s location for the purpose of notarizing only.
The notary brings the documents and takes care of returning them to us.
The settlement officer still conducts the closing through the platform, answers
all questions and explains all of the documents.

The cost of the mobile notary is absorbed by Closeline Settlements.

Other Options Include


Live Closing


Hybrid Approach


Semi-Live Closing


Standard Virtual Closing